If there is one thing that seems vitally important to Victor Cozzone in his life, it is to give back to his community and to demonstrate appreciation for everything he has received in the course of his life. That is why he is passionate about helping those less fortunate. For years, Victor served as a volunteer baseball coach for teams in the Lionville Youth Baseball Association in Pennsylvania, but he also has worked as a volunteer member of the board of the Mission to Educate Children with Autism at Downington High School.

That is a cause that Victor Cozzone has been involved with for more than a decade, but it’s certainly not the only way he gives back. Victor has played a significant role in programs in Chester County that provide poor residents with funding to help them pay heating bills in the cold Pennsylvania winters. Victor donated a lot of money and worked to create a program to get them the help they need even faster.

If that isn’t enough to demonstrate his commitment to his community, Victor Cozzone also serves on the board of an organization called PAAL, which stands for “Preparing Adolescents with Autism for Adult Life.” In operation since 2006, PAAL is a specialty secondary-educational program designed to prepare adolescents between the ages of 14 and 21 who have moderate to severe autism with the tools they need to make a go at an independent, successful life. The main goal of PAAL is to teach autistic young adults the skills that will make them successful adults who can become important participants in the community.