For Victor Cozzone, who currently works with Lowe’s in Chester County, Pennsylvania a professional sales specialist, where he has been for almost two years. He has essentially returned to his roots. For a decade, beginning in January 2000, he owned a business called All About Concrete, in Chester County. That company employed 28 people, including 6 staff and 22 workers in the field. He and the company contributed a lot to the economy, doing residential and commercial work. Besides being ACI certified, Victor’s company actually won a national award for their work in decorative concrete.

Following that company’s work, Victor Cozzone spent six years working as a financial advisor at a couple of major brokerage firms in Pennsylvania, where he guided individuals and companies to better financial results. Regardless of his profession, however, Victor Cozzone believes that attitude is more important than anything. He’s made sure he’s had plenty of education, having earned a degree in Finance from Winthrop University, but he also has received a lot of education from his experience. He believes it is that education at the school of hard knocks that has made it clear to Victor that he has ultimate control over his attitude and that will go a long way toward determining his success.

One thing that is very important to Victor Cozzone is to show appreciation for what he has received from others during his life. That is why he is passionate about giving back to the community in every way he can. For example, for many years, he volunteered as a baseball coach for teams in the Lionville Youth Baseball Association. He also continues to volunteer as a member of the board of Mission to Educate Children with Autism at Downington High School, a cause he has been involved with for more than a decade.